Business Change Management

Author: Brian Johnson This Whitepaper will largely focus on Business Change Management, as defined in Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) published by The Stationery Office and how programmatic ...

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Complementary Frameworks

Author: Brian Johnson This whitepaper does not attempt to cover the A to Z of methods, frameworks and standards that can be used in combination with BiSL® Next (or with any of the frameworks inclu...

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ASL (Application Services Library) was developed by a Dutch IT service provider, PinkRoccade, in the 1990s and was made public in 2001. Since 2002 the framework and the accompanying best practices have been maintained by the ASL BiSL Foundation. The current version is ASL2, published in the Netherlands in 2009.

ASL is concerned with managing the support, maintenance, renewal and strategy of applications in an economically sound manner. The library consists of a framework, best practices, standard templates and a self-assessment. The ASL framework provides descriptions of all the processes that are needed for application management.

The framework distinguishes six process clusters, which are viewed at operational, managing and strategic levels see Figure.

The application support cluster at the operational level aims to ensure that the current applications are used in the most effective way to support the business processes, using a minimum of resources and leading to a minimum of operational disruptions. The application maintenance and renewal cluster ensures that the applications are modifi ed in line with changing requirements, usually as a result of changes in the business processes, keeping the applications up-to-date. The connecting processes form the bridge between the service organization cluster and the development and maintenance cluster.

The ASL framework

The management processes ensure that the operational clusters are managed in an integrated way.

Finally, there are two clusters at the strategic level. The aim of the application strategy cluster is to address the long-term strategy for the application(s). The processes needed for the long-term strategy for the application management organization are described in the application management organization strategy cluster.

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